Since its inception, the Niagara University Student Government Association has been charged with the responsibility of protecting the rights and interests of the student population at large. Each year, the members of this organization have striven to promote the general welfare of the students, while considering the Vincentian values and sense of social responsibility upon which our university was founded. As the organization grows, new strengths and challenges emerge. Consequently, the NUSGA Cabinet has designed the following areas of focus:

Unity: For the organization to function as it was envisioned, adequate dialogue and cooperation must occur between all sections of the organization.

Oversight: In order to move forward, the organization must examine its past practices with the goal of discovering what has been successful and more importantly, which ares can be improved.

Initiative: As years pass, we as representatives must strive to attack issues with the same energy we had upon joining the organization.

Visibility: The NUSGA should always be an active member in the campus community. By working with other student organizations, members of the faculty, and administration at Niagara, we will become visible to the students we represent.