Veronica Orton

My name is Veronica Orton and I am a freshman Communications major here at Niagara University. In the Niagara University Student Government Association I take the role of the Freshman Marketing Chair and am a part of our traditions committee. As the Marketing Chair it is my duty to make sure our delegation is staying in contact with the rest of our Freshman class, to run our social media accounts, and market our events and programs we lead. Along with being involved with NUSGA I am also active in CPB, I participate in SOAR 40:31 and lead worship nights. I do a work study in the Athletic Communications office so along with my weekly office hours I also attend almost every one of our D1 sporting events working the press box. My favorite thing about NUSGA so far has been getting to meet and become friends with all of the other delegations and meeting new people through our events and fundraisers! I also loved being able to help run our Taco-In-A-Bag fundraiser which was a hit! For someone wondering whether or not they should get involved with NUSGA I would say to do it now! Once you join, you will wish that you had joined earlier! Being a voice for the rest of our student body is a privilege, and is a great way to make a change or impact on campus. My office hours this semester are Fridays 2-3 p.m. Stop by and say Hi!

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