Abby Brown

My name is Abby Brown. I am a Freshman at the one and only Niagara University from Alden, NY. Currently, I am majoring in 7-12 Social Studies Education and I will also be pursuing certification in 1-6 Liberal Arts Education. I also plan to pick up a minor in American Sign Language. This academic year, I am the Class of 2023’s Programming Chair. This means I am involved in planning and coordinating events, reaching out to the desired people in order to properly make events happen and also assisting my delegation in anything they need. I am also part of the Traditions, and Outreach and Advancement committees. You may see me at Men’s and Women’s basketball games cheerleading on the sidelines, as I am part of the Niagara University Cheerleading team. Our team not only cheers for basketball games, but we also travel to Daytona Beach to compete at Nationals. As a new member of NUSGA, I only have one cool “memory”. The day election results were released, I texted our new group chat my idea about putting hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere and now it is so unreal to watch that idea come to life and to be behind the scenes of it happening. I was never involved much in high school, therefore NUSGA has given me the chance to break out of my shell and try new things. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some amazing new people, including the best delegation ever that is the Freshman class delegation

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