Hailey Wicks

My name is Hailey Wicks. I am a freshman here at Niagara University majoring in Sport Management and minoring in Law & Jurisprudence. My position here at NUSGA is secretary for the class of 2023 and help make a change here at Niagara University. Within Niagara University, I am on the women’s rugby team and women’s basketball team, along with being part of Hospitality and Tourism Association, Disney Club, and broadcast for sports teams here at NIagara University. If someone were to ask me about joining NUSGA I would say go for it. It will make you well known in your class, it’s fun, and if you want to make a change this is the place to do it. If you needed to contact me, my office hours are on Wednesdays from 10 A.M - 11 A.M in the NUSGA office down in Gallagher.

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