Alexei Donchu

Alexei Donchu
Major: Psychology
Position Duties: I am responsible for the budgets and transactions for my class, which in this case is the freshmen. In addition, I oversee and manage the funds for my class.
Committee: Internal Review
Campus Involvement: I am in the Active Minds Club, which is centred towards bringing awareness and fighting stigma for mental health. In addition, I am in the Lions Club, which holds the mission of empowering volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding. I also, currently, am a member and volunteer at the Upper Mountain Fire Company, which is helping out at the fire hall, assisting EMTs, and this puts me as an EMT in progress.
I joined NUSGA because I want to be more involved in campus, advocate for students, and make more friendships!
My greatest hobby is associating with fashion, design, music, and art. In high school, I took visual art courses in school and extracurricularly. Additionally, I took a course in fashion just when the pandemic started. This course was my most favourite course, which outlined how to understand the difference between modernity and traditional fashion, anti-fashion, business and the materialism of fashion, and how to differentiate aesthetics and themes. Growing up with constant exposure to art, design, and innovation, made me the creative and insightful individual I am today. Lastly, I am a huge cinephile. I love watching movies that allude to social issues from the past and today. I also love movies that make you think a lot and are psychological, such as Helter Skelter (2012), which shows what the extreme pursuit in unrealistic, yet ideal, beauty can bring you.
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