The Outreach and Advancement Committee, as stated by the NUSGA constitution, is delegated to perform the following tasks:

1.) Become a member of a Niagara University committee in order to promote representation of students and access to the decision making process.

2.) Compile monthly reports to present to the NUSGA legislative body to inform all representatives of decisions and plans each Niagara University committee is pursuing.

3.) Establish, maintain, and monitor a student grievances system and deal with any issues brought to their attention in a swift and deliberate manner.


Committee Members
  • Ally Rung
  • Katherine Filipski
  • Maddie Kuhn
  • Emily Cardullo
  • Maddie Welch
  • Jill Stoessel
  • Brian Duncan
  • Ashley Smith
  • Adam Zarczynski
  • Robert Derrett